Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hot blogs

At first I don't realize the power of blogging.
I make my own blog just to try it.
Be in of the new tread.
Until I saw the tv program of Jessica Sujo last April 26,2008.(Saturday) at GMA 7.
They feature about the blogging,and the impact of it all over the world.
And they feature the people who do blogging.Some people are Kc Concepcion ,
Jim Paredes
,( One of my Idol in industry,walang kakupas kupas),Francis Magalona ,( One of my favorite singer too,since my elementary years until now),John lapuz (wellknow as Sweet),
and some other blogger, and most of all they say the very wellknow blogger Brian Gorrell click here for whole story.

I'm inspired of there story,specially the story of Brian Gorrell.

I have nothing to do with the issue that he been in with,don't get me wrong
I'm just inspire of his guts to say what he want to say.
Just expressing his feelings...
At binagga ang mga taong alta de syudad dw.
Sorry di ko kasi sila kilala.Hehehe...
Just expressing my feelings too...
Writings is one of my passion before,but lately I lost that passion.
But after watching the feature blogs,and blog of Brian Gorrell I was inspire to write again.

I And thru blogging I met a new friend.
I refer him to my employee to substitute,
at my work because I'm going out of town for awhile.I was amaze of Mark ,
he know I lot of things about blogging.
I learn a lot of new stuff from him,
even a short span of time.
He's a kind of person that not selfish of his knowledge,
he share some stuff to me.
You really amaze with him. You wouldn't expect on his physical appearance that his like that,knowledgeable.
Because his looking so young, and small looking guy.
(Sorry Marc but I’m really so proud of you,
just have self confident of yourself. Ok? ).
I'm so proud of myself too that I met him thru blogging,
and in person.
Maybe some people will raise there eyebrow because of meeting people thru cyberspace, but for me its depends.
Who cares how do you met the person? We met our "Friends" in many different ways, in awkward situation, in strange places, thru texting, chatting, etc.
We are to be destined to met, (strangers turn to be our friends) because all of us are connected to each other,
all of us are unique.
Whatever the situation is, the important is how do you know each other personally.
If you already know each other in personally that’s the time you can judge a person.

See you all few months from now.
I've been away for awhile.
Hope I can capture some interesting stuff to write on.

Been amaze

Thru my exploring,and searching for a glitter comments to reply a message from a friend thru friendster.While exploring I found this eye catching picture of dolphins.
You know I'm so fascinated with this creatures,so I post this on my blog.So every time I open my blog I see this very relaxing pictures of Dolphins.






So amazing... ^_^

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear Listener,

Through all my journeys, both inner and outer, music has been an
essential part of my spiritual sustenance.
I wish to express the soul's wordless longings while deeply and gently
touching the listener, to heal and soothe our wounds.
Music that is born from a loving union with instruments of peace.
Music that embraces the Beloved.....every song a gem.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm a music lover person...
Maybe most people do...