Monday, April 5, 2010

Someday we're gonna make sense

depression, insecurities,broken dreams....
life comes in many shapes. We faced trials that make us
weak, we stumble and fall. Sadly we lose our hope
that someday we could find answers to those undying
questions that we have in our hearts.

The tears that fall are too much for us to bear. we have
been through a lot in lives. Ups and downs, sacrifices and
failures. But we kept on believing that someday we're gonna
make sense. We will choose the right way, and we will bounce

We know that it takes time to have it.
But we are determined
that somewhere in the dark we will find light.
And that means
we will find the answers of our undying inquest.
the answers are yet to be discovered inside ourselves.

after we clear our eyes, it is time for us to buckle up
ourselves and start moving. All the hours we have spent in
the past are just part of history.And this is what we've
learned.Before we can change the future,
we must understand the present and bury the past.

Inspired by the song: Someday We're gonna make sense

Written by: Tim,Anna Lee,and Angie

Thank you...^_^