Saturday, February 26, 2011

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

\makeityourring diamond engagement rings

As a struggling law student I always dream of having a makeityourring diamond engagement rings, I sometimes dream of being Ma’at. Not familiar with her? Yes, she’s the iconic justice symbol that you often see at law offices and trial courts. And yes, she’s that famous girl holding a sword and a balance scale at both hands, as the Goddess of truth, balance and order.
But as I read more and more of the cases filed day after day, from dramatic family relations cases to action-packed criminal cases, I am quite doubtful if just and fairness will really prevail soon. From personally perceived wrong judgment rendered by the courts, have starved with no food to eat, down to those oppressed who were not even able to voice out their sentiments, I began to be so cynical about these just things. Yes, I’ve read, known and felt the bests and also the worst of our justice system and it almost lose my hope in love and happy endings.
That’s probably why, as soon as those two tiny red lines appeared at the Pregnancy Kit test, my boyfriend was about to jump as I frantically thought of weird images appearing into my mind. Bulging stomach, delivery pains, ruined studies and career, and worst, being stuck with one man for the rest of my life. Phew!  The last thought made me shiver. Well, don’t get me wrong. Not that I don’t want this. Of course, I do want this. After all, I’m 30, afraid of high risk pregnancy and complications that come with the age. So, here it is now, my so long planned and wanted pregnancy. But damn, it’s The Man. Wait, again, not that I don’t love or want The Man, the soon to be father of my baby, but girls, do you get me? Yes, I want his genes for my baby. But if men have these fears of getting tied and stuck up with one woman for the rest of their lives, well, we women do feel the same. The thought of being a typical good wife, waiting for her husband to come home,  cooking for him, having to sleep beside him every night of your life, plus the thought of “what if the right one comes along?” Oh, crap. One thing for sure, I am ready to be a mother, but no, I am not yet ready to be a wife.
However, I do have an option, right? I can be a single mom. That’s not bad. Well, many women chose that courageous path. But not all had those options, some just don’t have a choice but to be a single mom. So lucky me, I got to choose, then here comes My Family in the picture. My Family, my OH so conservative family. Plus, The Society. The OH so conventional society where I belong. This is something not normal for  them. Single motherhood has always been equated to stupidity, misery, agony, intrigues, poor-integrity and hopelessness. And that will surely disappoint and break the hearts of My Family.
And while these battling thoughts tried to crack the nerves in my head, here comes The Man. Something in his face makes me worry so much. Must it be his hair or the unfamiliar look in his eyes. And The Man gave me an evil smile, a grin that almost made me puke. He started to bend his one foot, knelt down and then I witnessed the most scariest thing he ever did in our entire relationship, he took out something from his pocket, a tiny box, a red tiny box, opened it, and asked those words “Dang, will you marry me?” and I fainted.
It must be the hormones or something that I started to really feel odd and wondered what the hell I was going through. Something so unexpected and unexplainable came through me, as my tears started to pour out. No, this is not me. I felt so happy, so enchanted and so bedazzled that my eyes were stuck on that tiny thing inside that tiny red box. Of course, it was a ring, just as what I was expecting. But it was really more than just a ring. It must have been a ring that must have emerged from the deepest oceans or crust on earth. It must have been a ring some bourgeoisie women lost when Titanic sank. Oh my, The Ring is a Diamond ring.
A diamond ring polished into perfection. A diamond that took millions of years to produce it, took thousand of miners’ lives to obtain it and countless efforts to perfect it into a very precious ring. From that mined hard rough stone that requires a very delicate and tedious procedure, extraordinary skills, scientific knowledge, tools, time and experience to produce this lustrous jewel. As what I felt right now, diamonds are extremely hard but also brittle and can be split up by a single blow, just like I am splitting now.
The used to be very hard-headed, hard-hearted me, is melting into something more meaningful, more valuable. This diamond made me realize that after all the natural and chemical process it has been through, until a perfect gem was produced, it was all worth it. It was all worth the time, the effort, the risks, the lives, the waiting, the adventures to become priceless. The justness it characterizes of how trials and challenges will soon pay-off and bring something very precious in your life. So while they say diamonds are forever, I must say Diamonds symbolizes justice. And off went my fears, my anxieties, my uncertainties, my paranoia. It guaranteed me every best thing in the future. This diamond ring justified everything.
And as I cried and was about to emote further, The Man shook me and brought me back to reality. Teary-eyed me asked him, “How did u get this precious thing, honey?” and he casually answered “Oh, I cant find something here so I surfed the net to find the loveliest gift for my honey and baby, I hope u love it and I hope you’ll marry me.” Speechless, no need to say anything. What can I  say to The Man and to this Diamond ring that sparkled and brought back the brightness in me? Now, I still dream t of being Ma’at, still holding a sword and a balance scale, but of course more glowing as I have those precious diamond ring in my finger. Indeed, diamonds are womens’ best friends, even mens’ too, because every woman is worth it.
Like me, I am in bliss, The Man is now My Man and I am engaged.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DOWNSOUTH Shoot like a Pro

The Shoot Like A Pro Photography Workshop with Rhonson Ng and Jojie Alcantara early bird registration is extended til February 4, 2011...

Shoot Like A Pro.

You’ve got a DSLR, you’ve got the view, and you’ve got the time. But the question is, do you have what it takes to shoot like a professional photographer? The truth is, most of our professional photographers started out as ordinary hobbyists, and with combined passion and love for the craft of stills, they evolved as professionals.

But this didn’t happen overnight. It took time, in fact countless times of practice to perfect their desired exposure. And most of them back then, were self-taught, experimented with rolls and rolls of films and burned a lot of money to build a name. But every dreamer has their own path to take, you don’t have to explore on your own.

In fact, the fastest way to improve your skills is to learn from the people who perfected their craft. And here is your chance to SHOOT LIKE A PRO. DownSouth proudly brings you SHOOT LIKE A PRO: A Photography Workshop with Rhonson Ng and Jojie Alcantara, two of the best photographers who made a name in photography.

The Maestro Rhonson Ng, is a seasoned photographer whose works are used in posters, tourism brochures, tarpaulins, and billboards. His pictures are also published from different local and national magazines. He has gone into places in the Philippines through mountain climbing, diving, caving and living life on the edge, and was the former photographer of the Department of Tourism XI.

Jojie Alcantara on the other hand, is an artist, writer, and photographer who dabbles between photography and the arts. Her passion for photography and travel took her to places and made name for her photos. Her works are being published from different magazines and newspapers. She also won online photography contests.

We don’t need any more words to highlight this workshop. All we need now is you. Don’t miss out the chance to improve your photography. Learn more about the basic techniques and the functions of photography elements. This is your chance to live your dream, be the next professional photographer. And start shooting like a pro!

The fact is, with the basic knowledge and some practice, wonderful pictures are just a click away. And there is nothing more

enjoyable than capturing moments, places, adventures and peoples, and sharing them with your friends and the world.

DOWNSOUTH brings you a platform that will improve your skills or give you the skills that you need to becoming a great photographer. It will not just arm you with the technique and expand your knowledge but also expose you to a range of interesting subjects and give you the opportunity to meet and have fun with like-minded people.

Set in the splendid Little Boracay in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur on February 26-27, 2011, two of the best photojournalists in the country opens their Pandora’s box to let you in on their secrets. Meet the Maestro, Rhonson Ng and the Great Pupil, Jojie Alcantara. Together they give you “Shoot Like A Pro.”

This is a Basic Photography Workshop for both amateurs and professionals (who want to review and enhance the skills they’ve acquired). It’s an intimate and interactive one that will not just involve a classroom setting but actual process of taking great images. This will involve a competition amongst the participants with great major prizes awaiting them. Some images will be selected by DOWNSOUTH, and will be featured in the magazine, website and its launching.

Registration is from January 18, 2011 – February 25, 2011. Early bird discount will be given to those who will register on or before January 30, 2011.

Registration fee is PhP 4,500.00 which is inclusive of the following:

    * transportation
    * accommodation
    * food
    * workshop kit
    * certificate

They only offering limited slots for this workshop. And “we guarantee that you will learn a lot from us,” words of Ms. Jojie Alcantara.

 contact us at +639155165929 or email us at to be a part of this adventure.

The Location:

So what are you waiting for...
For details and inquiries email  just email or call             0921 72 60 215  (Angie0

And you can download the registration form in this link:
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