Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking forward for the 5th Distribution of Pens.

Excited for tommorow.
Kahit pagod,at walang tulog.
Kakagaling lang sa High School Reunion.
Excited pa rin para bukas.
5th distribution for PENS OF HOPE IN DAVAO.

To All Volunteers.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you so much for supporting Us.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wistlist in last minute of Christmas

I read about this from Ms. Nortehanon blog.
Wala lang.Wala namang mawawala if I do my wishlist like them.Right? hehehe....^_^

Something small: Wrist watch.

Something big: 2nd hand laptop.hehehe...^_^ Because my laptop is not working properly.
I can't no longer use the wifi,cannot detect the wifi anymore. It need to be connected to cable wire to the modem of router.Blame to some virus.

Something cute: Stuff toy...Any stuff toy....Just suprise me...hehehehe....^_^

Something soft: hotdog pillow.I long for that hotdog pillow.I never had that eversince.hehehe...^_^

Something techie: Iphone...hehehe..Some old one will do....

Something fancy: canon dslr camera...hehehe...if you have your old one.I'm willing to recieve it...^_^
For my Passion in photography...^_^

Something pink: A blouse.Medium size...^_^

Something wearable: A cool pair of biking cloth. For woman.Medium size.

Something you need: New Mountain Bike.I really need some exercise.I'm gaining weight already..hehehe..^_^

Something you can use for work: Nice planner book.with calindar...hehehe..

Something sweet: chocolates...chocolates...chocolate...any chocolate will do.I'm chocolate addict. When I'm in my Mothers belly...She love chocolate cake..That's why my skin complexion like color chocolate.^_^


Dear Almighty Father this I ask to Santa..Grant My Wish...Amen...^_^

Pinoy Forumers Society Supports POHD

Repost from Pens of Hope Davao blog.

Posted by Kikit Avenue.

Thank you Pinoy Forumers Society for supporting Pens of Hope in Davao.
Pinoy Forumers Society is an organization of Overseas Filipino Workers and OFW aspirants, formed and organized through the former POEA Message Board in September 2008 with sole objective of extending help to our compatriots and chosen beneficiaries.
For more details about this organization, please click here.
Here are some pictures taken when they bought the writing materials.

Again, thank you very much!

I have the change to know Ms. Misalyn of  http://www.myscrapsandpatches.blogspot.com/ 
the ChairWoman of
We a had great conversation with her.
I learn a lot of things.
And part our conversation is Ms. Nortehanon.
Kahit di namin kilala ang totoong identity ni Ms. N.
But we don't either bother to ask.Funny no? ^_^
That's Ms. N rights not to reveal her real Identity.hehehe...^_^

  I find out that we have lots,in something in common.
In the sense of our interest,and passion.
Hoping to meet her in person.
When she able to come her,in my birthplace.^_^

One Pencil. One Runner. One HOPE

Reposted from this site. Thanks to Maridol, Jen and all the runners who donated.

“If we could ask 100 runners bring one pencil each, there will be 100 pencils for 100 children.”

That was what Que and I had in mind when we first discussed the possibility of having the Takbo.ph community and inviting runner friends to support Pens of Hope in Davao. We were proven wrong though…. BIG time!
Give hope. Inspire others. Share your blessings. Encourage learning. Be involved!
- Pens of Hope in Davao

The simplicity of the project and what it advocates for got me hooked back in 2009. One person, one pencil, one child, one dream. On 20th August, Jen posted on her FB page a call for support in the collection of pencils and other writing materials. I immediately sounded it off to Que, and Coach Pojie (who, to this day I am still thankful- for inviting me to join his Feed and Give Project 2 when I was still a newbie). I wasn’t let down with their replies. Both were enthusiastic about the project and pledged support. Que said that she’ll try to get Takbo.ph involved, I didn’t doubt her, but I never thought it’ll be anything like this….

Runners get involved!

I checked the party thread and was just amazed at the pledges from all who signed up to attend. My thoughts, “One of the best Christmas gifts ever!”

There will be something to send the children of Davao come Christmas. I was pretty sure of that. I’ve witnessed, in the few months that I’ve been a part of this running community, it has not yet failed in coming and seeing a project through.

Fast forward to 16th December. Arrived with Jen (Pens of Hope) and this was what greeted us at the registration area.

From the runners with love... and not even half of it! (Photo: Carlo Serrano)

I greeted Que and she immediately told me that there are more bags under the table… she was not joking. And as more runners arrived for the party, the pile just kept getting higher and higher and higher. It wasn’t just one pencil per runner, it was dozen and dozens of pencils and other writing materials per runner.
I distinctly remember my conversation with Marga:
Me: This is just so overwhelming… thank you so much!
Marga: You doubted?
Me: No, I just didn’t expect it to be this much.

Jen was speechless, she was looking at the growing pile and shaking her head in disbelief as more attendees line up to put their “gifts”, and kept saying “unbelievable.”

The pile just kept on growing....
(Photo: Doc Marvs)

"Thank Yous" from Jen (Pens of Hope; uy, bawal umiyak!) with Jinoe (Takbo.ph)
(Photo: Doc Marvs)

After the party, we packed everything and while doing both Jinoe and Que kept on saying, “Here’s another bag” or “There’s more here”. In the end (or not) there were 13 BIG – FULLY packed bags of pens, pencils, crayons, paper and other stuff!!!!! Yes, stunned again!!! But wait, there’s more! Coming down to the building lobby, we heard Timmy talking to someone and saying, “Just wait here, the pencils are coming down.” And there was Jhuvy waiting with two more bags of pencils and writing stuff. Jen couldn’t believe her eyes. hahahaha!

I’ve always believed that the running community has and boasts of having the most self-less and giving people – those who would help without question and/ or having to ask twice. Small and big acts of kindness and generosity, runners giving back and paying it forward – even to those who they do not know, actions that keeps us grounded and reminds us that – there really is good in everyone – that we can make this world a better place with our collective effort – that we can do something. Last night, that belief was further cemented. Thank you so much!!!

Photos courtesy of Carlo Serrano and Dr. Marvin Opulencia. Thankies!

P.S. The author is not from Davao.. lol after being asked last night so many times. Jen is the one who hails from Davao.
As I read this post I remember My overwhelming feeling as I receive the school supplies from
(You will be redirect to Brendel blog).
 I never expect that I receive that much school supplies...^_^ 
In behalf of Leah Valle.
Now our hardwork pay- off...^_^ 
Click here
THANK YOU so much....^_^
I'm so very Grateful about it.  ^_^

The Newbie Of BlogSphere was Born Yesterday. December 24,2010

  I prove to MySelf that online tutorial is possible..hehehehe...^_^

He said to Me yesterday that Blogging is one of his heart desires,to know the world what's his BEING can shares.

And his dreams become reality yesterday.

Let me do the honor to introduce  Perry Lequigan of   http://pinoywarrior.blogspot.com/

and here's the 1st post of his blog...Enjoy Reading.....^_^



Across The Streets 

By: Perry Lequigan


one gloomy night, the wind blows its might
flashes of lightning as thunders roars screams 
his mighty groaning... 'twas a moment of where
people trembling not because of fear but because
no one hears them when they need help their stomach
scratches their inner being, the pain, the agony, helpless.

teardrops flooded the streets, their eyes looking for someone
who extends their glimpse a cup of hot water could ease the coldness of the night
their spirit groans for justice, their innocence uphold their domain
a street of  nowhere, a street of where love is not real, 
a street of injustice.

More post of him...Click here

"In My Eyes You Can See The Reflections What's Within...

I invite your soul
into the white castle  of
my heart
and wait for My brown and magic eyes.

I start my day with the alphabet of my eyes
Just wait for my eyes to tell you secrets.
You will know their language . . .
My eyes: Song of hope,
I accept healing for my eyes.
I accept tears of joy for my eyes.
I love poetry for my eyes.
I accept Empowerement of My BEING thru My eyes.

They are
book of poems.
My soul is an Eagle
the sky,
to taste
the Spirit
of My Deep Being.
My eyes tell you my secrets
I have been kept for so long.

I grow young
when I gaze at the blue sky:
Looking at you!

I know you are kind, I trust,
are my eyes



To all of YOU and the REST of the FAMILY. ^_^

...MORE BLESSINGS to COME in the YEAR of RABBIT! YEAR 2011...^_^

Friday, December 24, 2010

Packing for PENS OF HOPE DAVAO 5th Distribution.

Enjoy packing, and Leah gives me the gift check she got from the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party.
At my back is Kevin of Studentblogger.net


Special Thanks to Winston Almendres, as Batang Yagit  Avatar Media, and to his COMPANY for making this. ^_^




Alex  (the youngest packer of this year 5th Distribution.) Leah's daughter. Me,and my Sister Green Jade.

This Batch of school Supplies will be distributed this Coming December 29.
at Brgy.Tugbok Proper.
Change Beneficiary kasi yong unang beneficiary na Brgy. busy for their other activities...

 Some photos and info be update soon....^_^


Sunday, December 19, 2010


By liam of


We are DOWNSOUTH – A travel magazine that transforms an image down south, Mindanao. DOWNSOUTH is a magazine that celebrates what the region offers. The journeys about place, experience, people, culture, art, food, authenticity and great photography of what Mindanao is.  It makes a distinction between tourism and travel, and stresses inquisitive not acquisitive trips. It tells stories through photography and inspires readers to pick up and go. With the theme of “Experience Mindanao,” it provides inspiring narratives that makes readers to take trips and solid information to help them plan out those endeavors.
We aim to sell MINDANAO as a place of authenticity.  DOWNSOUTH is a platform establishing and bridging cultures all around Mindanao. More than a travel magazine, it identifies that this region is a place that offers what other regions boast about, and more.
Welcome to DOWNSOUTH! (<—– click!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Awards Nominee Ria Jose


( I do my research...

Once a upon a time.

I promote my created blog in Mindanao bloggers,but unfortunately I deleted it.

I'm not happy about it anymore..hahaha....)

Anyway,this post is not my deleted blog,it's about Ms. Ria Jose Nomination.

Back into memory line.....4 years ago,I saw Ms. Ria Jose's blog profile in Mindanao Bloggers.

 So My VOTE GOES too her....

Life with Ria for Bloggers' Choice Award 


Featured Blog: Alleba Politics

Ria Jose
Name: Ria Jose
Location: Davao City

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2004 in Live Journal.
Why do you blog?
I blog to express my thoughts, opinions, and ideas. I blog to be heard, to influence, to contribute.
What is the purpose of this blog?
Alleba Politics (http://politics.alleba.com) was created in July 2004 because I was an opinionated political person and I wanted to have an outlet where I could say my piece on the issues that would interest a lot of people.
How many other blog(s) do you own?
I have 10 other blogs: Chikadora.com Shoppingera Shop Chicks My Davao City DotA Strategy Pinoy Reader Mam Bebs Summation: Introduction to Basic Statistics Life with Ria Work with Ria
What “offline” activities do you do to promote your blog(s)?
I attend bloggers meet-ups, parties, and other similar events. I used to take advantage of unlimited SMS services and would send an SMS to my contacts announcing my new posts or updates on my blogs. I also promote my blogs to my friends, business contacts, and acquaintances.
What/who inspires you to keep blogging?
Compelling issues, inspiring stories, exciting experiences, fresh ideas inspire me to blog. Comments from my readers, both positive and negative, also inspire me to blog.
Do you monetize your blog(s)? How?
I monetize my blogs through Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and ReviewMe.
How much money do you directly spend for your blog per month?
I only pay for my domain names annually, and for my WiFi usage. The domain names cost about PhP3,000 a year, while the WiFi usage is virtually free here in Davao City.
Please list other blogs that you read regularly.
I read a lot of blogs regularly but those that i recommend are: An Apple A Day by Aileen Apolo The Man Blog Mindanao Blog by Mindanao Bob Councilor Peter LaviƱa’s Blog Happy Slips’ Vlog
In 10 words (or less), convince our readers to subscribe to your blog!
Subscribe if you want to be inspired, pissed, or amused.