Thursday, February 7, 2008

My New Adventure in Life

Its been a long time, that I didn't update my blog.
Never mind anyway...
After a long time for not writing on my blog.
I have lot of unforgetable experience.
One particular Company waiting for my commitment with them.
After one Month of their waiting at last I'm now working with them.
At first thought I only supervise their front desk staff, but as time goes by...
Dok Ed gives me much more big responsibilities.
He made me researchers, writer,account executive,photographer, and soon to be a driver,camerawoman, field reporter. Big responsibilities.
Now, I'm confuse.
My former employer ask me to work with them again,
they offered me 20thousand a month for my basic salary.
But I want to serve people. that's always my passion.
Maybe in near future I would make up my mind to decide.
I'm so fortunate, because even if I was not able to graduate in college
I didn't apply for any companies.
they hired me.
Just like my sister, she is one of the well known Disc Jockey here in Davao.
But she never applied for it.
Its a very long story.

I never imagine that my long dream to be a writer,photographer,driver (lol),
a manager, its only few inches away...
I do utilized our company's blog, even though I'm not an expert in blogging yet. Lol!!!
But practice, curiosity, exploring, self-taught, and being teachable can make
you more effective in work.
Thats what I've learned in life.
To all who read my blog, my advice to you who have low self-esteem like
me before, you should not be.
Because the world is round, you never know the future will lead you on
your long time dreams...
Just be a positive always no matter what happen, we should move on...
To all the people who criticized me....
Thank you very much for that,
because you made me a better person...
God Bless you all!!!

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