Saturday, December 27, 2008

As I search for poem's I found this broken hearted poem's...
I just want to credit this poem's to the author but I can't find the name of the author.
Just follow the link,in the title...


Lonely and broken,
Sad and confused,
Torn in half because of you,
Life cloudy and dark,
Heart black and ripped in two,
Isn't it sad, I still love you?

Your smile it makes me happy,
This feeling isn't right,
Because all I ever did was love you,
And you let me go without a single fight.

Broken all around,
Cry every night,
If only you stuck to your words,
I would have a happy life.

You say you still love me,
Then why doesn't it show?
I'm broken hearted,
And lost all alone...

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