Monday, February 2, 2009

Me The Inspired Heart (Trying to write again.-Trying hard to bring back the passion I lost along the way)

My blog is already one year old last December 6,2008
I'm thinking what makes blogging inspired me?
(I post for a moment,and start to realize,and ask myself).
What's really the purpose of my blogging?
As I said this blog is dedicated to myself.
Because I'm already tried of giving myself to other people.
(Not letterally given my self to others,but what I've shared to them).
As I go on with my life...I make a border to other people,so at the end
I wouldn't be hurt anymore.
But there is something is missing.
This is not me anymore.
The essence of my personality is gone.

I need to change course again.
Back to the old Angie before.
But only in my positive side.

I realize that helping others and touching others life is really my passion.
And teaching myself not to expect anything from them anymore.
Even if what I'm only asking for them is very simple.
Just appreciating my sacrifice for them,just saying thank you.
Its very enough for me.Just only give a little credit.
Instead what I get in return?
I'm became the bad one.
But maybe some people are like that.
They have a narrow,and close mind.
So I realize that I'm blessed compared to them.
Because I can understand for what they are.
It's not my lost.
It's there lost.
So I learn that " You can't really please everybody"

"So why I should change myself for the people who are
not really deserving for what I can give,and shared?"

So I realize that I should not stop reaching for the others who are willing
to listen and appreciate what I can give,and shared.
So here I am writing for the people who are deserving to inspired
what I'm writing on my blog.

I will reveal who's the real me.
The real Angie.
The real Senti (Sentimental) Angie.

So I want to shared this letter.
It's written in a notebook.
(I just hoping that I have scanner so that I can scan the real writings.
Maybe in the next few months we can buy a scanner).

(I collect writings from my friends for a words of inspiration what they can say about me,
its called Autograph).
And in the journey of my blogging I will reveal the things that I carefully kept.

This letter came from Ate Candie.
Friend of my older sister.
We treat here like a family member already.

What she wrote is....

25th day of Dec. 1998
(It's already a 10 years old letter).

Dear Angie,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Gie, let me take this this opportunity t express my gratitude
in all that you have done-Your family have done.
Thank you so much!
I will never forget your kindness.

Your know what? You're no longer a stranger to me.
Youre my sister-you are! Gie, I know to live in this world kinda difficult.
You have to sail to through those thigh waves.
But always remember,there is a gold at the end of the rainbow.
I still believe that after the dark there is light.

Let GOD plan your ways-always consult Him in everything that you'll do.
Don't be like me.I did things myself--I always do it in my own way,
forgetting to consult GOD--the source of everything.Look at me--I failed.

But failure is sometimes to be cherished.Why?
It restore new hope in-brought by it.
It challenge us.

Here something to inspires you...

Do you know what is pearl made of?

It came from tears.The tears of the oyster.
Oysters cries also! But look at it.
Tears turned into a very fine pearl-that every woman dream to have.
Very rare and costly is the stone that is why not everyone can have it.
--Now, try relect from it.
Yes, we cry because of the pain we feel.
But pains are just temporary and so all the cryings.
Tears pays!
So cheer up! If I can them why can't you?
-Ate Candie-
GIE-This is for you!
Taken from the song of MJ. I know this will fit you and I hope it could somehow touch you.
In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials and tribulations
Through our doubts and fustrations
In my violence
In my turbulance
In my fear and my confessions
In my anquish and my pain
Through my joy and my sorrow
In the promise of another tommorow
I'll never let you part
For you always in my heart.
This letters of her,give me streght everytime I encounter trials.
Its help a lot to me,in my deepest,and darkest our in my life.
In times of---In times of....I'm only in the four corners in my room.
I"m like a prisoner in my own world.
But I need to be strong.
Because whatever life can bring I must go on.
I learn that if you feel pain, try to heal the
pain of others and your pain will be heal too...
Because you will be felt better if you can inspired others.
Hope it could be somehow touch you too.
Take a moment and reflect from it...
Cheer up everyone.... ^_^


payatot said...

hello angie,nagtugma yung song mo sa mga sinusulat mo...

kaka inspire ang letter ni candie,but always remember, there is gold at the end of the rainbow..tama naman di ba? kung anuman ang pinagdadaanan mo ngayon, andito lang kami to pray para sayong kaginhawaan ng damdamin..ingat lagi at wag kang susuko..kaya natin yan..

Winkii said...

hello angie,
salamt sa pagdaan sa blog ko.
comment exchange na tau ha? hehe. :)
ahmm. lam mo, wg mng dibdibin ang mga pangyayari. pray lang kay God. :)

nga pala, yung sa comment ko,
sa JSKIT yung. :)

punta ka sa
tapos meron dun get started with JSKIT.




Anonymous said...

okie si candie ah.
TAMA SA PAYATOT..kag kang susuko.

sa mundong ito, yong mga sususuko lang ang talo

free_angie said...

To Kuya Payatot.
Maraming Salamat na appreciate nyo ang post ko.
Pagbasa ko sa comment mo tumulo ang luha ko.(Music backround goes on...Take me I'll follow).
I'm back in my senses na talaga.React at the right emotion.
Maraming...Maraming Salamat talaga sa inyo ni Kuya Eli.
Kayo ang naging inspirasyon ko.
Makapagsulat ulit.
Excited ako magcheck ng blog ko nitong mga nagdaang mga araw.
Tinitignan kung merong mga comment nyo.
Tama ka Kuya kaya natin to... ^_^

free_angie said...

To Winkii

Walang anuman yon.
Isa tong karangalan para sa akin.
Sure bah exchange comment na tayo.
Impress nga ako sayo kasi 3 years na pala ang blog mo.
Medyo marami na din yong pinagdanan.

Honesty sayo ko i-credit ang pagmention ko sa isang taon ko ng blog.
Di ko napagbigyan ng halaga blog ko,until matapos kong mabasa ang blog mo.
Na realize ko dapat ko itong bigyan ng papuri na isang taon na pala sya.

Oo nga dapat di natin dibdibin.
Puro minsan kailngan nating maramdaman ang lahat ng sakit para mas lalo nating ma appreciate ang kaligayahan.

Maraming Salamat Winkii...

free_angie said...

To Kuya Eli.

Maraming Salamat Kuya Eli.
Very inspiring ang sinabi mo.
"yong mga sususuko lang ang talo"

At Marami pang Salamat... ^_^