Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nobody can hold the time,to stay still

Nobody has the power to make things perfect...
But everyone is given countless changes to make things right.

I believe that everything has a good reason,
Even if the most error in my life.

I believe that everything has the right time.
I believe that we need to feel the pain that sometimes we felt.
So that we will appreciate the Happiness that we're always searching for.

I'm so sorry to the people that I neglect.(Sort of).
Or they felt that I neglect them.
It's only my defense mechanism.
Not to be much attach to them..
Because I'm so afraid that at the end,still me will be suffered.
Because sooner or later they will leave.

But I must accept that fact,the reality,
that's the nature of life.
Nothing stay the same.
The only permanent in this Life,in this world is "Constant Changes"

"Changes" is the only thing that's permanent in this world.


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