Friday, January 8, 2010

PENS OF HOPE Part 1 (This post dedicated to my Sister Jenny)

Yes I'm guilty ... If I did the project, if I commit my self fully.
I can do so much more ... Many would have drawings, we plan as Dan.
I've become friends with artists outside the People's Park here in Davao.
To join in inter-project ... Sell bracelate they produced, tpos half goes to pens OF HOPE Davao.
I am guilty of cold, and found guilty of init.Ang problem I lost interest if not included ...
Patient who those Rasta that s me ... Hehe ...
I said because I give Tam-Tam those like them ...
Get me but in also to blame .. not easy magsuffer depression.
You're fighting yourself ... you're fighting with your emotion.

This post on December 29,2009 hopefully I have made.
Case part of my mental faculty fuctioning not so well.
Many ideas that appear in my mind, I know san case I start.
I start just the way I know.

I have read time and sees this project.
I told myself I also had one volunteer.

I intend to long Sensation and pangsubaysay them in their alam.Hehe
For my own world, floating in jail ...
I'm green with envy them ... I worry that I have to comment .... Northenon

NOTE: Click the picture to make it larger ...

This comment to those ringleader of all that he itong.Isinabog VIRUS of kabutian, and beauty of spirit, I hope to children in the world Our mosmos move.
In future they still know it.

Why do I say that?
Because some or even most simpling pencil in buy or hard to buy a new one.
I know how difficult the situation because I experienced such also yon floating in a child.
Imagine those pencils you have, just as long as your fingers ...
And while you're writing, you're mistaken, you want to delete the wrong you written?
But the Security of your pencil is podpod that ...
Lalawayan you just the tip of your pencil, or the tip of your finger to the wrong verdict maibura you ...


I first moment and put my old kamosmosan,
because I was the aim of writing this post ...


Ngmula in Northern Samal,passed in Cebu, (Nandamay of weird erotic awesome artist or say, the malilikot the brain of this year, but with the golden heart-Judge them not, coz you are not a judge and you don 't Have the Right )...(Dan & Nonon).
nandamay and now also the teachers in Davao. (Kikit), also join me ...
I'm an Artist in my own way. (Artist inside my heart).

Distracted the city of Davao ... It .....( Drum roll ....)

3rd distribution of PEN OF HOPE Davao. And 2nd meeting with Dan & Kikit.

Photographer ... hehe ... I also I got the picture to ...^_^
(Courtesy Camera by Sir Seth delos Reyes Sunstar Davao).

Enrty of Drawings ...

Me and Dan the Judge ...

Naguilty really me ... I hope many of my drawings ... He was Sir Dan Seth the community inside me.
Dan says "What now if there is more you best?
They in turn used their talent to help other people. Right? "

Sir Seth says "Would not know how to appreciate the drawings in the artist"

nabuhayan me in words of encouragement they ...

And in this moment ... that raised their narecieve that card.
I stood the baliahibo ... There Pain in my heart ...
I actually went to distribution of the pens for me to be inspired to experience, and become part of the joy they even only momentary.
But this experience is mamatili in my heart.

PO Many many thanks!
And I became part of your paglalagbay ...^_^


tim said...

Anyway, there can be changes that is if we decided to do it. Anyway, you made me smile everytime. And it helps me alot, your comfort and your smile makes me well. Thank you for making me happy. You are worth to be kept.

Angie said...

Thank you so much Tim.GOD BLESS...^_^