Monday, May 17, 2010

Pens of hope 4rt distribution

4rt Distribution ng pens of hope ngayon.So sad di ako nakasama.
Antay na lang ako ng mga picture na ipost sa blog ng pens of hope.

I just got this post from Pens of Hope blog.
(I just copy paste it to promote the Event)


Beyond Art's Sake Movement, in coordination with Tsinelas Foundation, has contributed a
lot to Nortehanon's Pens of Hope project in Samar. Last December, they also donated
writing materials for the distribution in Davao. This time, they will be selling sketches
for the daycare kids at Barangay Sawang Calero in Cebu City.

Help us spread the word.
Grab this poster and blog this project!

This time, the proceeds will be used to buy pens, pencils and art materials for the
Art Therapy Workshop volunteers and local artists will do with the kids in the barangay.
So if you buy a sketch, it means you help address the scarcity of writing materials in
the Philippines, you help a child develop his artistic skills, you support local artists and of
course, you can keep a work of art. Isn't it cool to be hitting four birds at the same time? :)

Sketches will be sold at Turtle's Nest, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City on May 19, 21, 26 and 28.
You may peek at the drawings at


eli said...

hi angie,, musta na?
ang ganda ng project na ito kaya naman sana ay maging successful.

Angie said...

@ Kuya Eli..Yes po it's very succesful.Daming mga pens,pencils,crayons...Inspirasyon kita kuya sa mga drawings...
Isa ka sa mga pumukaw sa hilig ko.
Kahit di po ganon kagaling yong mga gawa ko....

dan said...

naa dri ang mga drawings jing: