Monday, September 13, 2010

Waling_Waling by: Rene Caparas

 Mr. Rene Caparas was a friend of Leah Valle.
And because of Leah we becomes friends too.
As I love to shoot photos...this little piece of ART of mine,captured the attention of Sir Rene Caparas.
So he was inspired to wrote a poem.
Ask my permission to post this picture on his multiply account...


Our lives are like the petals of a flower newly soaked in a rainfall

The sun would shine, dry our leaves and heat the moist of the rain

We're exposed to sun and rain, happiness and pain, love and cruelty

As our petals fell to the ground we cease to be and begin to rot

Beauty fades through time and its moment cease after a bloom so soon

We struggle and fight to attain magnificent height and burning so bright

Yet, when evening comes we are covered by a frightening dark and cry

We are falling from our vine, sliding down the ravine, dying in vain, in pain

Where are the greens? Where are the violets?

As our petals are buried deep in the mud

Soaked in the rain, crumpled by the sun,

Flowers bloom in a season, watered by the Lord

 To Sir Rene Caparas.Thank you for the appreciation Sir as you encourage me to shoot more photos.
You make my Journey in Life more meaningful and worth living...


tinay said...

gie, kamusta? sorry for not responding much as i was on the road for a while. thank you for the messages :)

Angie said...

@ Tinay: I'm doing fine Tin.
Ah medyo busy ka pala.
Okey lang Tin.Your always welcome.
GOD BLESS Tin...^_^