Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is my official entries to the National Geographic Channel Asia “Take Your Photos Of Great Migrations” contest.

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Entry # 1:

Category: Born To Move

Title: "Surviving Snail"

Caption: "Some people says,I have no right to live,but they don't realize that I'm also GOD's Great Creation. I have the right to survive in many storm"

Location: Dacudao,Calinan Davao City. PHILIPPINES

Photographer: Angie Maestrado
Entry # 2:

Category: Born To Move

Title: "Hard Worker Ants"

Caption: "We need to move fast,because time is GOLD"

Location:Davao City. PHILIPPINES
This is was took in Dacudao Calinan Davao City.Visiting a friend...
Photographer: Angie Maestrado

Entry # 3:!/photo.php?pid=5304971&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=129231660431299&id=558308959

Category: Born To Move.

Title: "Born Free"
Caption: "I'm born to be WILD,and FREE"

Location:Davao City PHILIPPINES
Shoot in the rooftop of your 5:00 early in the Morning....
Photographer: Angie Maestrado

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CATEGORY: Born To Move
TITLE: It all starts here...
LOCATION: Kiamba, Sarangani Province, Philippines
CAPTION: Why should we be committed? To
answer this question, everybody should realize that we must have done something great to deserve such a grand life!
PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard V. Diongson

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