Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I foreigner own the name of Davao City Living

As I surf to Live in the Philippines I landed in Jaws blog. 


Sad to say I foreigner own the name of Davao City Living.

It's suppose to be a Filipino who will love and own the beauty of the name and our City.

But in other side,I'm happy because even though he is not pure Filipino He love My Birthplace.

Just read his post...You learn and be curios about Davao City Philippines. ENJOY READING!!!


Posted by: Jawz on: October 25 2010 • Categorized in: Jawz

As I have mentioned in my 'My Dad in Davao City' blog posts, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three, my dad came to visit me here in Davao City from October the 10th to the 15th. After he arrived back in the States, I sent him a message on Facebook asking him questions of what he thought of Davao. Here's the interview:
I enjoyed the friendliness of the Philippine people. I enjoyed the city life for a visit, but I could not live in the hectic atmosphere all of the time. Traffic is very chaotic, but at times that could be fun. Davao is a very safe city; good security. I never felt in danger except on some taxi rides. Finding food, clothes, etc., is no problem with the modern malls. I enjoyed the diverse retail at the malls. I enjoyed the street stores (Aldevinco) also. I felt sad for the street people, especially the young children out on dangerous street, and the young mothers with babies out begging. I enjoyed the parks and tourist attractions. The beach areas are great with very clear waters. Most places had clean updated bathrooms, but some did not have toilet paper, so bring your own. I also enjoyed how inexpensive everything is, and good public transportation.
JAWZ: What were some major cultural differences you noticed?
AL: For the most part, the Philippine people are friendly and extend a very positive attitude. The city of Davao is very crowded, active, and a bit noisy with all the traffic. However, it is very enjoyable. Be prepared for chaotic traffic, but the taxi, jeepney, and trike rides can be enjoyable. I would not try to drive in this traffic, you cannot hesitate. It was interesting of how very young people would be out on the streets late in the evening. I felt sadness for the street people since it appears there is a lack of a charity system like we have in the States. There is a great diversity of food that can be enjoyed, but look out if you have a weak stomach, especially be careful about getting food from the street vendors.
JAWZ: Which was your favorite coffee shop that we visited? (*Note: We visited Chicco di Caffe, Karlo's Gourmet & Coffee, Bo's Coffee Club, Kangaroo Coffee Company, Bluegre Coffee, and Kopi Roti)
AL: I really enjoyed all of the coffee houses. Jack's Ridge (Karlo's Gourmet & Coffee) provided the most beautiful scenery. In town I was most comfortable at Bo's with easy access to Wi-Fi. I enjoyed them all.
JAWZ: What did you think of Filipino food? (*Note: Dad had pancit, buchi, Filipino BBQ chicken, atsara, chicharap, halo-halo, palamigs, sweet & sour fish, ube bread, and many more)
AL: Philippine food is quite diverse; from bland to spicy, from usual to exotic. I didn't have anything that I totally disliked. I really enjoyed the family meal at your girlfriend's house, and I enjoyed the eatery at your dorm. You had me eating so much that I can't remember the names of all of the foods.
JAWZ: What did you think of the Halo-Halo
AL: Halo-Halo is a dose of heaven. I wish we had that in the States.
JAWZ:  What did you think of the local fruits? (*Note: Dad had lanzones, rambutan, durian, and mangosteen preserves)
AL: The fruits I sampled were delicious, however, the durian was complex and I think you must acquire a taste for it. The smell [of the durian] for me is like fruit in the garbage bin that has been there for more than a day, and the taste was the same; sweet but soured. That is why I believe you must acquire a taste for it.
JAWZ: What did you think of some of t he places you visited?
  • Jack's Ridge- Beautiful setting, very relaxing, good restaurants and coffee. Great place to go and relax.
  • Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague- Beautiful Catholic shrine. Beautiful gardens, and great place to meditate.
  • Davao Seawall- Beautiful setting, place to walk, and relax.
  • San Pedro (City Hall & the Cathedral)- In the city, good architecture, more hectic.
  • Peoples's Park- Beautiful gardens, sculptures, relaxing, but still in the city.
  • Ramon Magsaysay Park- Beautiful setting, problem with street people begging, good place to walk.
  • Davao Crocodile Park- Great place to take pictures of animals, walk, and relax.
  • Aldevinco Shopping Center- Great place to purchase Asian gift items. Great if you like to haggle on prices.
  • Blue Jaz- Great seaside resort, food, drink, relax by the beautiful ocean, waterside, etc.
Although I didn't get to have time to do a face-to-face interview with my dad, I did capture him on camera of what he thought about the durian. So I'd count this video as an answer to if I asked the question "What did you think of the durian fruit?". This video also captures the moment of my dad eating it.