Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Awards Nominee Ria Jose

( I do my research...

Once a upon a time.

I promote my created blog in Mindanao bloggers,but unfortunately I deleted it.

I'm not happy about it anymore..hahaha....)

Anyway,this post is not my deleted blog,it's about Ms. Ria Jose Nomination.

Back into memory line.....4 years ago,I saw Ms. Ria Jose's blog profile in Mindanao Bloggers.

 So My VOTE GOES too her....

Life with Ria for Bloggers' Choice Award 


Featured Blog: Alleba Politics

Ria Jose
Name: Ria Jose
Location: Davao City

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2004 in Live Journal.
Why do you blog?
I blog to express my thoughts, opinions, and ideas. I blog to be heard, to influence, to contribute.
What is the purpose of this blog?
Alleba Politics ( was created in July 2004 because I was an opinionated political person and I wanted to have an outlet where I could say my piece on the issues that would interest a lot of people.
How many other blog(s) do you own?
I have 10 other blogs: Shoppingera Shop Chicks My Davao City DotA Strategy Pinoy Reader Mam Bebs Summation: Introduction to Basic Statistics Life with Ria Work with Ria
What “offline” activities do you do to promote your blog(s)?
I attend bloggers meet-ups, parties, and other similar events. I used to take advantage of unlimited SMS services and would send an SMS to my contacts announcing my new posts or updates on my blogs. I also promote my blogs to my friends, business contacts, and acquaintances.
What/who inspires you to keep blogging?
Compelling issues, inspiring stories, exciting experiences, fresh ideas inspire me to blog. Comments from my readers, both positive and negative, also inspire me to blog.
Do you monetize your blog(s)? How?
I monetize my blogs through Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and ReviewMe.
How much money do you directly spend for your blog per month?
I only pay for my domain names annually, and for my WiFi usage. The domain names cost about PhP3,000 a year, while the WiFi usage is virtually free here in Davao City.
Please list other blogs that you read regularly.
I read a lot of blogs regularly but those that i recommend are: An Apple A Day by Aileen Apolo The Man Blog Mindanao Blog by Mindanao Bob Councilor Peter LaviƱa’s Blog Happy Slips’ Vlog
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