Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pinoy Forumers Society Supports POHD

Repost from Pens of Hope Davao blog.

Posted by Kikit Avenue.

Thank you Pinoy Forumers Society for supporting Pens of Hope in Davao.
Pinoy Forumers Society is an organization of Overseas Filipino Workers and OFW aspirants, formed and organized through the former POEA Message Board in September 2008 with sole objective of extending help to our compatriots and chosen beneficiaries.
For more details about this organization, please click here.
Here are some pictures taken when they bought the writing materials.

Again, thank you very much!

I have the change to know Ms. Misalyn of 
the ChairWoman of
We a had great conversation with her.
I learn a lot of things.
And part our conversation is Ms. Nortehanon.
Kahit di namin kilala ang totoong identity ni Ms. N.
But we don't either bother to ask.Funny no? ^_^
That's Ms. N rights not to reveal her real Identity.hehehe...^_^

  I find out that we have lots,in something in common.
In the sense of our interest,and passion.
Hoping to meet her in person.
When she able to come her,in my birthplace.^_^

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Misalyn said...

Salamat rin ng marami Angie and to the volunteers of POHD. Salamat rin sa paglagay ng link ng Pinoy Forumers Society at ng photoblog ko.

Isang pagsaludo sa mga volunteers na walang sawang gumagawa para tuloy-tuloy ang proyekto ng Pens of Hope.

Sana, one of these days at ma-meet ko rin kayo in person.