Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peaceful Warrior's Way-Peaceful heart,Warrior Spirit

By: Dan Millman

The purpose: Evolution     
 We don't just seek happiness; we seek meaning,connection,and purpose.We aren't here just to succeed or fail,or to win or lose,we are here to learn,to evolve,and finally, to awaken.

The Arena: Daily Life
Earth is a Divine school; Daily life is our classroom. The challenges we face in relationship, family, health, work, and finances are the spiritual weights we lift in order to strengthen our Spirit.

The Time: Now
 The past and future are nice places to visit,but we are don't want to live there. Now is the moment of silence, the moment of truth, of reality, of sanity. Past and future are illusion - memory and imagination.

The Method: Action
I don't want ask you feel courageous or confident or loving or peaceful or happy; just behave that way; you don't have to wait for the right thoughts or feelings. Just do it!

It begin on the ground:
Strong roots help a tree to bear fruit; the same is true of a human being. Magical thinking is popular; always has been. But  Reality rules. Observe and listen to nature's whisper and all will be well.

It starts where you are:
You are a peaceful warrior in training. No special status or abilities are needed. Where you are right now is the perfect place to be. Life , which brought you to where you are, is your initiation. The way is open.

It works at every level:
This way is founded upon spiritual ( or universal) laws. They apply to every facet of life - body, minds, emotions; health relationsip, career - flesh and spirit. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

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