Thursday, November 11, 2010

Qoutes # 1

The heart feels what the eyes cannot see 

and what the mind will never understand.


tim said...

well it is always said that heart the root of everything, every word that you might say. if it is bad then it will carry wrath. If it is love then it will carry peace. Wait for my post about you..

Nortehanon said...

So true, Angie. Sabi nga sa The Prince, what is essential is invisible to the eye :)

Angie said...

@ Tim:
Thank you...
GOD BLESS for the two of US.

@ Nortehanon:
Yap....what is essential is invisible to the eye :)
And the "Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder"

Yan ang ibig sabihin ng personal Quotes ko..Iniba ko lang....
Para may originality...Okey bah?