Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Newbie Of BlogSphere was Born Yesterday. December 24,2010

  I prove to MySelf that online tutorial is possible..hehehehe...^_^

He said to Me yesterday that Blogging is one of his heart desires,to know the world what's his BEING can shares.

And his dreams become reality yesterday.

Let me do the honor to introduce  Perry Lequigan of

and here's the 1st post of his blog...Enjoy Reading.....^_^



Across The Streets 

By: Perry Lequigan


one gloomy night, the wind blows its might
flashes of lightning as thunders roars screams 
his mighty groaning... 'twas a moment of where
people trembling not because of fear but because
no one hears them when they need help their stomach
scratches their inner being, the pain, the agony, helpless.

teardrops flooded the streets, their eyes looking for someone
who extends their glimpse a cup of hot water could ease the coldness of the night
their spirit groans for justice, their innocence uphold their domain
a street of  nowhere, a street of where love is not real, 
a street of injustice.

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