Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very Inspiring

There are times we treat life like a mysterious door, it doesn't open no matter how hard we push it!

We never notice that a huge sign is posted that reads 'PULL"

Same thing with Life.

We stuggle, we push. we push harder until we're tired, hurt, bruised and wounded.

We forget there's a better way....


Let go and let God in. God willed our lives to be wonderful, lift everything up to HIM.

God Bless us all........ Dividers Pictures, Images and Photos


Maxi said...

wow. i love this post! push and pull and then, surrender. haven't thought of that.

oh, kita ulit pala kayo ni tamz ha! inggit ulit ako. next time, tayong tatlo rin ha.


eli said...

hi angie..
musta na?
maganda ang post mong ito.makabuluhan.keep on blogging. GBU